#5 Frederick Reighel ~ My Ellis Island Ancestor {52 Ancestors}

Out of all the multitudes of my ancestors that came to the US, I have found only one, so far, that came through Ellis Island.  Most of my ancestors came before it was opened, and in fact I think Frederick was one of the last branches of my family to come to this country, on my side and my husband’s with many of them coming over in the early 1800s or even as far back as the 1700s.  On my husband’s side (not counting his Native American ancestor-to be written about on a future week, his earliest ancestor was born in the US in 1685 in Virginia.  On my mom’s side the earliest ancestor born here was in 1669 in Maryland.  So with such deep roots here in the Us, it was exciting to finally find someone who actually came through the famed Ellis Island!  Unfortunately, however, I know very little about him.  His name was Fredrico Von Reighel, and he shortened his name to Frederick Reighel.  He was my great grandfather on my dad’s side.  I mentioned his wife Elsa Holle briefly in my first post about her father Gustav Holle.

 photo frediricovonreighelship.jpg

the Saint Paul

Frederick left for America from South Hampton, England aboard the ship St. Paul.

According to the Ellis Island ship Manifest, Frederick was 28 when he came to America on Sept 10, 1910, which means he was born around 1882.  His nationality was Austrian, and his last residence had been in Triest, which was part of Austria at the time.  He had been staying with his uncle (I can’t read the name on the manifest) and was planning to go to stay with his cousin (name also unreadable look like maybe Wilhelm Muller) at the Hotel Franklin in Philadelphia, PA.  The very city where my great grandmother (and his future wife) was currently living.  Frederick was apparently only 5 feet tall (or he was 5″6″ and it’s just a super sloppy looking 6 on the manifest-this guy writing everything down had horrible handwriting!)  Frederick’s marks of identification were a blister wart on his left forearm.

According to the Philadelphia Marriage License Index, Frederick Reighel married Elsa Holle in 1914.  They had a daughter, Anna Dorthea, on November 23 1914.

I recently discovered a little more about what became of Frederick on his father in law Gustav’s passport application!  It stated that he was in contempt of court and had not been seen or heard of for 5 years.  This was written in 1921.

And that is the last bit of information I have on Frederick Reighel.  This is one of the MANY times that I wished I’d been interested in genealogy back when my grandparents were still alive.  And this makes me so glad I am doing this now before even more stories are lost through the ages.

and a scrapbook page dedicated to Frederick Reighel
 photo frederickreighel.jpg

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