#6 John Fuller Hess

This week I will share with you the store of my husband’s maternal great great grandfather John Fuller Hess.

 photo 985e02cc-d6f9-44b8-8ada-56edece13246.jpg

I have been fortunate enough with John Fuller Hess to find a write up about him in the Genealogical and personal history of Fayette County and I have found him listed in the 1850 and 1900 census.

the following information is from the above mentioned history of Fayette County:
John Fuller Hess was the great grandson of Peter Hess who was born in Hesse Castle, Germany in 1757, his wife Susanna was born in 1758.  Peter and Susanna Hess came to American shortly after their wedding with one of Peter’s brothers.  Peter and Susanna wound up living in Fayette County, Pennsylvania on Dunlap’s Creek.

Peter and Susanna had four sons: Peter, John, Joseph, and George (my husband’s 4 times great grandfather) 1790-1858.  George Hess married Mary Fuller and they had 4 sons and 2 daughters, John (my husband’s 3 times great grandfather), David, James, Ebenezer, Nancy, and Margaret.

John was born on February 6, 1812 and married Amanda Offord on December 2, 1834.  She was the daughter of Brooks Offord and Nancy Stanly. John and Amanda had 9 children, George, Clark, John Fuller (the subject of this blog posting), Evans, Mary, Eliza, Elvira, Sarah, Amanda.

John Fuller Hess was born on April 17, 1850 in Fayette, PA. “He possesses many of the characteristics of his father [John].  He received a liberal education in the Normal Schools.  Dunlap’s Creek Academy, and Waynesburg College.  He is a very able man and has been called upon to make wills, deeds, etc., which he has drawn, and to give advice, and while not an attorney he has done much in transacting business of a legal nature.  He is of a retiring disposition, a Baptist in religious belief and trustee in the church.  He never sought political honors, but is a strong party man of Republican principals.  He was united in marriage to Harriet A., daughter of David Hibbs and Hannah Watlers, [on] March 23rd, 1876.  She was born September 15, 1849, of most excellent parentage of German and English descent.  She received a good education and is devoted to her church duties, a dutiful wife, a loving mother and one whose whole thought is the good of her family.  After their marriage the farm life appealed to this couple.  Mr. Hess was successful from the start both as a farmer and a stock raiser.  He developed business ability early in life, was for him a honest and conscientious in all his transactions, true to actor won a place of usefulness and standing among his fellow men.

In 1900 Mr. Hess sold his farms, and a part of his coal holdings and moved to Uniontown.  They have three children: Homer (my husband’s great grandfather), Nora, and George.”

According to a Sons of the American Revolution application, John fuller Hess died February 14, 1925 in Uniontown, PA.

And here’s his scrapbook page:
 photo johnfullerhess.jpg

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