#8 Jacob Galster {52 Ancestors}

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My husband’s two times great grandfather on his dad’s side was named Jacob Galster.  He was born April 4, 1843 in Canal Dover, Ohio and died July 21, 1921 in Shelby Co, IL.  Jacob Galster was one of my super lucky ancestry.com family connections.  As I was working on this part of the family tree, I happened upon my first encounter with a biographical sketch of a community.  I was so excited to fin these amazing write ups about a person from our family tree that detailed what he was like, his children and even basic information about some of his ancestors (which had been previously unknown).  I was thrilled at this discovery and have found several other family members since, all on my husband’s side for some reason, but it’s exciting nonetheless.  After I found the sketch I decided to share it in the forums on ancestry.com.  I found the forum for the Galster surname and happily posted the family info from the book.  Several days later I checked back in on the forum and noticed that there was a new comment with someone willing to share photos of the Galster family.  I was overjoyed!  I contacted this man right away and  he was excited to hear from the wife of a distant and previously unknown cousin.  He was so kind as to send me several photos of Jacob Galster as well as a few others that had photos of my husband’s grandfather in them, who would have been a distant uncle of the man from the ancestry forums.

I have been nothing but pleased with the encounters and connections I have made on ancestry.com and amazed at the generosity of those I have contacted or been contacted by.  Sure it’s pretty easy to scan a few photographs, but I also know how busy we all are now, juggling work, family, and our multitudes of hobbies-such as genealogy-while also keeping up with which stars are dancing and singing the best on TV!  I’m really looking forward to making more connections online and can’t wait to see the faces of more ancestors as their photos become available to me.

now on to Jacob Galster:

 photo scan0001.jpg

Jacob Galster with his wife Elzabeht (Haller) possibly from around 1870

I found a death record on familysearch that stated Jacob Galster’s birth and death dates and places as listed above.  It also states his dad as “Mothias Galster” and his mother as “Ros…Haller” as well as his spouse Elizabeth Galster.  (I also have a record for their marriage as being May 6, 1869 from the Illinois County Court Records).

Jacob Galster as described in the Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, Illinois, published 1891.

“Jacob Galster.  As his name would indicate, our subject is of German descent, although born in the United States.  His birthplace was Tuscarawas County, Ohio [which is different than his death record], and his natal day was April 4, 1843.  He is now a resident on section 27, and also owns land on sections22 and 28, Rural Township, having made a settlement in Shelby County in the fall of 1864.  His parents were the Rev. Mathias and Rosanna (Haller) Galster, where were natives of Germany, and coming to the United States, were married in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and there resided until 1853, when they removed to Huntington County, Ind., whence in 1864, they came to Illinois and settled in Rural Township.

[The article goes on to discus Jacob Galster’s father, Mathias, but I will save that for a future blog about him]

Our subject [Jacob] came to Shelby County with his family, and May 6, 1869, was united in marriage to Elizabeth K. Mautz, a daughter of George G. Mautz, for a history of whom see sketch of Phil A. Mautz [Elizabeth’s brother] in another part of this volume. [I’ll include the information about her father in a future post as well]  After marriage our subject settled with his wife on the place where he now resides.  He owns and operates one hundred and forty-tow acres of land, which is in first class condition, bearing excellent improvements.

Mr. and Mrs. Galster have had nine children, eight of whom are living.  They are Rosina M., George M., Barbara, Rebecca, Elizabeth [my husband’s great grandmother], Jacob P. F., Anna C. W., John William, and Samuel E.C.  The children are all vigorous and intelligent young people, who promise to be the pride and comfort of their parents in their declining years.  Politically our subject is a Democrat.  He has held the office of town Collector for five years, and the confidence that his townsmen have in his judgment and ability, is evinced by the fact that he has been elected to the position of School Director for several years.  Mr. Galster was, some years ago, the victim of an accident which has made him a cripple for life.  While riding he was thrown from his horse, and his foot being so firmly fixed in the stirrup, as to prevent his shaking it loose, he was dragged for some distance and broke his leg in two places.  He with his wife and family are members of the Evangelical Church.”

 photo galsterfamily.jpg

The Galster Family:
Rosina, Barbara, George, Elizabeth, Anna
William, Elizabeth (mom), Edward, Jacob (dad), Jake

Galster siblings
Jacob, Barbara, George, Rosie, Jack, Elizabeth, Edward, Annie

And here are the pages I have made for the Jacob Galster:
 photo george-ElizabethandJacobGalster.jpg

 photo george-thegalsterfamily.jpg

 photo george-JacobGalster.jpg

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4 thoughts on “#8 Jacob Galster {52 Ancestors}

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  2. I take it that you must be the wife of one of George Aicheley’s grandson’s.
    I am Ronald D. Beals, MD. the son of Esther Elizabeth Frankenfeld Beals whose mother was Anna Christina Wilhelmina Galster Frankenfeld.
    We have lost contact with George’s children since since the elder portion of the rest of that part of the family had passed away I only have contact information for Mary Elizabeth Stivers (Carl and Virgina’s daughter). I did have info on Barbara Mae Chase but it is no longer valid.
    I have some genealogy information which I have worked on sporadically for a number of years. I am thinking about using Ancestry.com to try to organize and put things together and perhaps get more leads.
    It is most interesting that I found this tonight because I just talked to another cousin Walter Franklin Elston (grandson of Barbara Barth Elston) today.

    • mvillhauer

      Hi, we were actually in contact several years ago through the ancestry.com message boards. You emailed me some wonderful photos of Jacob Galster along with his family. In fact you are the person I mention in this post who was so kind as to send me those photos! It’s great to catch up again. 🙂

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