#11 Maurice Murphy {52 Ancestors}

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d focus on my Irish side of the family.  While Maurice was born here in the States, both of his parents were born in Ireland.  Unfortunately, I have very little information about them.  I’m completely stuck with my Irish side, and am hoping to have a break through someday.  I keep trying!! 🙂

My mom’s grandfather was a man named Maurice Murphy, however his named was pronounced like ‘Morris’.  He was born in Bloomington, IL on November 16, 1875.  His parents were Thomas J. Murphy and Margaret Lawler.

Maurice’s father Thomas was born in Ireland, my mom heard that he came from County Wexford) on the 1880 census it shows him as being 50, which means he was born around 1830.  I do not know when he came to the US as unfortunately the 1880 census does not record this.  The census does say he worked in the rail road foundry.

 photo MauriceMurphy-1.jpg

Margaret Lawler was born in about 1833 in Ireland according to the 1880 census.  I have a death record for Mary Lawler that I think belongs to my Mary Lawler.  It says she was born in Ireland and that she was 52 when she died, which would mean she was born in 1833, which matches the census.  She died of diabetes which she had had for 3 years, according to the death certificate and is buried at the Calvary cemetery.  She had lived in Illinois for 26 years, so maybe she came to America in 1859.  Whether or not she was married already to Thomas at that time I am not sure she would have been 26 when she came to Illinois.  Since she is listed as married and not widowed on her death certificate, this would indicate that Thomas is still alive at this time.  Whether or not he lived until the 1900 census I do not know, as I have not yet found any record of him.

Maurice was also a rail road worker and worked as a molder and was an apprentice in 1880 at the age of 17.  In 1900, Maurice was living with his brother Thomas along with Thomas’ wife Nora and their two children.  Thomas is listed as an iron molder and Maurice is a day laborer.  They are living on Emerald Ave in Cook County, IL.

In 1902, Maurice married Anna Barth and the two continued to reside in Illinois on West Fulton Street, still in Cook County, IL.  I wrote more about Anna Barth and their family in this post.  Maurice is listed as working in the foundry again.  Their family pops up in both the 1910 and 1920 census and they are on Fulton street for both census records but at different house addresses.  In 1910 they are living at the house number 2735 and in 1920 they are at number 2737. It does say in 1920 that Maurice rented so maybe they just moved next door for a better rental price?

After Anna’s death in 1933 Maurice would walk from his home in Chicago to the St. Joseph Cemetery in River Grove where she was buried which was seven miles away.  He made this walk once a week!

Maurice died on May 6, 1957.

 photo comunion.jpg

Maurice with my mom’s little sister Kathy

And here are a couple scrapbook pages for Maurice:
 photo mary-MauriceMurphy.jpg

 photo mary-MauriceMurphyinfo.jpg

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3 thoughts on “#11 Maurice Murphy {52 Ancestors}

  1. johnoneill4mchenry

    Maurice Murphy is my great-grandfather.

    I take it your mother is Anna Krueding (née Murphy)? My paternal grandmother is Maurice Murphy & Anna Barth’s youngest daughter Catherine. She went by Kityy, not Kathy. I have more info if you care to contact.

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