#19 Ephraim Walters Jr. {52 Ancestors}

Ephraim Walters Jr. was my husband’s 4 times great grandfather on his mother’s side.  He was born on May 27, 1776 in Fayette Co, PA and died in the same city on 17 April 1865.  I wonder what he was really like in real life, because judging by his photo he looks like the grumpiest man alive!


Ephraim was the son of Ephraim Walters Sr. (1744-1835), he had a super interesting life- and his wife Mary Debolt (1747-1842).  Ephraim Jr was the 4th of 10 children.

According to the book Centennial Portrait and Biographical Record of the City of Dayton and of Montgomery County, Ohio Pub: A. W. Bowen & Co. 1897:

“Ephraim Walters, also a native of Fayette county, was born in 1776, was reared a farmer, and, while still a young man, also engaged in trading, and as early as 1800 floated flour to New Orleans, La., on a keel-boat.  In 1803 he married Miss Elizabeth Ache, daughter of a Dunkard preacher, and thenceforward confined himself to agricultural pursuits, and died at the ripe old age of ninety-one years.”

In 1803, (when he was 27) he married Elizabeth Ache (1778-1848) who was 25 at the time.

The two had 7 children:
Hannah (1820-1904)-married David Hibbs (she is my husband’s maternal 3 times great grandmother)
Jefferson (1810-1898)
Ephraim III (1813-1903)
Charity (1805-1875)
as well as Michael, John, and Elizabeth (the last three died as infants)

I wish I knew more about who this man was.  I have found him on the 1850 census in Fayette Co. (working as a farmer) as well as on the 1860 census in the same place (retired and living with his son Ephraim)

Sometime between 1848 when his wife Elizabeth died and the 1850 census he remarried a woman named Harriet Tarr Hesth (who was about 23 years younger than him).

Ephraim died on April 17, 1865 in Fayette Co, PA.

I wish I knew more about who this man was, was he really as grumpy as his photo might indicate?  I found this second photo of him online and he looks just as irritated!  This photo was found at: http://www.garberiowa.com/walters-family-garber.html

And Finally here is a scrapbook page about him, I still need to do his write up page, but I have the photo one done at least!


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13 thoughts on “#19 Ephraim Walters Jr. {52 Ancestors}

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  2. Jonathan Walters

    Greetings. I was so surprised to find your photograph of my g.g.g. grandfather, Ephraim Walters Jr (1776-1865) on line. I am the owner of the other photograph of Ephraim which you found on line, inherited in my family (my grandfather was born on the original Ephraim Walters Sr farm in Fayette County). You might be interested to know that my aunt, who is nearly 93, is writing a novel about the experiences of our ancestor Mary [Debolt] Walters. We all grew up with the legend of Ephraim Sr. being captured by the Indians. I did a lot of genealogy as a child and am the person who discovered the original newspaper articles about the murder of Casper Walter and the release of his sons Ephraim and John (there were also two daughters, one of whom became the ancestress of the famous “Statler Hotel” Statlers), as well as much of the other Walters family information which you have posted. It is all contained in my GENEALOGICAL RECORDS OF SOME EARLY FAYETTE COUNTY BRETHREN (1979) which I compiled in high school. I in turn drew heavily on the work of the great genealogist Harold Reed Hibbs (1897-1978), son of John Gibson (“Gip”) Hibbs (1862-1941) and grandson of David and Hannah (Walters) Hibbs. He willed me his genealogy notebooks, with the caveat that if I did not publish them, I should give them to the LDS library in Salt Lake City. All these years I have held on to them, intending to return to genealogy, though I am embarrassed to admit that it never happened (however, much of his work is published in my book). Just the other day I was thinking that it is time to honor Mr. Hibbs’ wishes and send the notebooks to Salt Lake City. And then this morning I stumbled onto your website, as though by fate. Would you perhaps like to have the notebooks? I think Mr. Hibbs would be so delighted to know that one of his relatives is working on the family history again. In any event. I send you best wishes for a Happy New Year 2016, from your husband’s distant cousin. Sincerely yours, Jonathan Walters (hidden)

    • mvillhauer

      Thank you so much! I will email you right away 🙂

      • Penny Avenoso

        Do you have any documentation regarding Mary Ann Walters Dally being the daughter of George Washington Walters???

    • Penny Avenoso

      I stumbled upon the Ephraim Walters information quite by accident. i am looking for documentation that Mary Ann Walters Dally (b. 1805) is the daughter of George Washington Walters. Can you help???

      • Jonathan Walters

        I do show Mary Ann Walters as daughter of George Walters (1770-1844), married John Dally or Daily (d. 1869) and had ten children, of whom I have the names of four. I did the research many years ago and unfortunately do not remember the source of the information…I am currently abroad but will see if I can find the records in my files after I return. In the meantime would be glad to send you the chapters on the Walters and DeBolt families from my “Genealogical Records of Some Early Fayette County Brethren” if you are interested. If so, please send me an email address to which I could send the PDF. Best wishes, Jonathan Walters

  3. Sherry Sparks

    Hello distant relatives! I am descended from George Washington Walters, son of Ephraim senior. I am interested in any information or pictures you might have of Ephraim senior and Mary DeBolt. Would love to read that book about Mary.

    • Jonathan Walters

      Hello, my aunt’s novel about Mary (DeBolt) Walters is still unfinished, but in the meantime I’d be happy to send you copies of the chapters on the Walters and DeBolt families from my “Genealogical Records of Some Early Fayette County Brethren,” if you’d like them…I just need a mailing address (if you want a Xerox) or email address (if you want a scan). Unfortunately there are no known pictures of Ephraim Sr. or Mary; both died before the advent of photography. Best wishes, Jonathan Walters

  4. Eric Walters

    Good evening. I just started the Ancestry thing and always heard of Native American in our history as i was growing up. And sure enough, as i research back I came across his. Thank you. My name is Eric Walters. Ephrain Walters would be my 5th great grandfather and his son was Aaron John, then Aaron Jackson, then Issac, then Jesse, then lloyd, then joseph and me! If you could share anymore information about our native american history i would love to read it. Thank you

    • meghan villhauer

      Hi, thanks for commenting 🙂 I haven’t written up a blog post yet about my husband’s 8th great grandmother who was named Sewatha Straight Tail (1660 lancaster, PA – about 1759 PA). She was the great grandmother of Mary DeBolt who married Ephraim Walters Sr. both of whom I also wrote about on this blog.

      Sewatha was the daughter of Meaurroway Opessa Straight Tail (1630 OH – 1709 PA) and Opessa Pekowi (1638 OH-1675 PA). Sewatha married Martin Chartier (1 June 1655 Poitou, France – 1725 Pittsburg, PA).

      I pieced together this information from these sources:
      Centennial Portrait and Biographical Record of the City of Dayton and of Montgomery County, Ohio
      Pages 207-227 William Henry Negley, M.D. to Richard P. Burkhardt- which you can read here:

      A relative of my husband’s also found this blog and sent me some information on Ephraim Walters written by his grandson Jefferson Walters about Ephraim’s time with the Native Americans including the man named Yaungashaw who adopted Ephraim. I can email you a copy of this info.

      Much of the information on Mary Debolt Walters I found on http://www.garberiowa.com/walters-family-garber.html
      also from the book “DeBolts in America: The Debolts of Fayette and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania” by C. Gerald Debolt. I can send you a copy of pages from this book as well. I found it online, but the link doesn’t work anymore. 😦 it was originally from here: https://www.geni.com/people/Nicholas-Debolt/6000000011823649649

      Info on Martin Chartier: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/67255405/martin-chartier here you can see a photo of a historical marker about Martin Chartier
      also here:

      I also just found this info on Sewatha and I wonder if that is actually a baby photo of her! It’s really tiny, but it could be her I guess? https://www.geni.com/people/Sewatha-Chartier-Pekowi-Shawnee/6000000024989671410

      This is new info to me as well about Sewatha’s father: https://greatwarriorspath.blogspot.com/2017/05/great-leader-meaurroway-opessa-straight.html

      Straight Tail family tree: https://www.genealogieonline.nl/en/the-forgotten-ones/P8158.php

      I hope this information is useful to you! I’m glad you contacted me because it encouraged me to look this part of the family up again and find some new information!


      • meghan villhauer

        Actually, I’m confused. That can’t possibly be a photo of baby Sewatha since she was born in 1660 before photography. Sorry! I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m not sure what the deal is with that photo attached to her geni.com page. I sent a message to the owner of that page asking for more information. We’ll see if they get back to me 🙂

      • Gerald Vietor

        I have been chasing this link for months now. I discovered it in my Ancestry.com research but have struggled putting it together. You have it all. Thank you so much for sharing.

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