#25 David Stuart Harllee {52 Ancestors}


davidstuartharleeb1800and his signature:

My 4 times great grandfather on my maternal side was David Stuart Harllee.  He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 10th, 1800 to Thomas Harllee (1767 – 1827) and Elizabeth Stuart (1767 – 1817).  His father was from Virginia and his mom from South Carolina but they married and spent their lives in South Carolina, where they also both died.  The couple had 11 children (included David Stuart).


On May 20, 1823 David Stuart was issued a license to marry Harriet Pope Barnes Harriet Pope Barnes (1807-1855) who was from Robeson Co, North Carolina.  They were married some time after this date.  The couple had the following children:
James Jacob dates unknown
Elizabeth Ann (1825-1907)
William Frederick (1827-1866)
Mary Ann (1829-1876)- my 3 times great grandmother
Julia Josephine (1833-1920)
Thomas Henry (1835-1920)
Harriet Ellen (1837-1911)

David Stuart Harllee began a partnership with his father at his general store beginning on April 12 , 1819, before David was 19 years old.  About a year later on August 31, 1820, David’s father Thomas gave him 750 acres of land on the southwest side of the Little Pee Dee River, near present day Little Rock, SC.  As time passed he added on to this land.  On May 14 1830, David Stuart was made a Deputy Surveryor by his brother John Harllee and was certified by the Surveyor General on January 22, 1831.  He helped to survey Marlborough and Marion Counties in SC.

In 1825, when he was just 25 years old, he was elected sheriff of Marion District, SC and served as Sheriff until 1829.

Prior to November 12, 1835 he moved to Cheraw, SC where he started a mercantile business.  He was living on a large plantation in Chesterfield Co, South Carolina which he bought for $3000.00 as recorded in the SC, Marion Co, Deed Book.  This area was near the Little Pee Dee River and was about 1500 acres.

Several years later he began studying law and passed his bar exam in December of 1849 when he was nearly 50 years old.

Shortly thereafter he moved once again to Chesterfield, Co, SC to an estate he called “Pine Forest.”  In a letter to his daughter dated December 8, 1849 this new home was nearly completed.  He and his wife Harriet spent the rest of their lives at this home.  David Stuart Harllee died August 28, 1854 and his wife Harriet died the following year on September 3, 1855.

There are some wonderful letters that survive from David and his wife to their children as well as a memorial about him by the Reverend C. Betts written after David’s death.

I love how the description was written, in particular the end, “As a husband and father none could be more devoted–none more affectionate…”

A scrapbook page for David Stuart and his wife Harriet:

and a second just about David Stuart Harllee

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8 thoughts on “#25 David Stuart Harllee {52 Ancestors}

  1. Wilma Kimbrough

    This is my husband’s maternal 4th great grandfather.

    • mvillhauer

      Great to hear from you! I’d love to share information on this family if you would like to as well.

  2. Wilma Kimbrough

    I really appreciate you replying to me. I will definitely look through my information. Is there a way to

    communicate without being so public?

    • mvillhauer

      yes, I have your email address from your comments and can email you. It will be great to discuss this branch of the family tree!

  3. Wilma Kimbrough

    I replied to your e mail.

  4. He’s my 5th great-grandfather. I am descended from Elizabeth. Thank you for putting together such a lovely description of him!

    • meghan villhauer

      You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  5. Mr. Carpenter

    i coincidentally enough am decendant from thomas and david is my 5th great grand dude

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