#29 The Early Villhauers {52 Ancestors}

I had some luck tracking down some of the earliest Villhauers on my dad’s side of the family tree using Family Search.  I even ordered a couple microfilm rolls from them that had quite a few references of these early Villhauers.  It was amazing looking at these old church records of these members of my family!

The earliest Villhauer, according to other family trees out there and find a grave was Johann Vielhauer (also shown as Phielhauer) so kind of interesting name spelling differences.  He was born in 1525 in the Baden-Wurtemberg area of Germany.  His wife’s name is unknown.

The following is the research I have done into the Villhauer line starting with Johann Ludwig  (Louis) Villhauer who I wrote about here.  Below is my microfilm image of his birth record in a bible from Germany.  His parents were Michael Villhauer and Elizabetha Stief.


On familysearch.com I found a transcribed copy of Johann Ludwig Villhauer’s marriage record to Susanna Askani on Nov. 14, 1878.  I love these marriage and birth records as they give so much more info, like birth dates and parents’ names. His birth date matches the one from the micro film as do his parents names (more or less-his mother is listed as Eva Elizabeth Kief).  Susanna’s birth date was Feb. 3, 1853 and her parents were Abraham Askani and Sophie Ruder.

Other microfilm images I have are a birth record for Johann Micheal Villhauer born 20 Jan 1825 in Baden, Germany to Johann Philipp Villhauer and Anne Rosine Laux.

A marriage record for Johann Micheal Villhauer to Eva Elisabetha Stief on 21 Jan 1850 in Baden.  Their parents are listed as Johann Philipp Villhauer and Rosina Laux along with the brides parents who were Georg Heinrich Stief and Eva Maria Buechner.

It was wonderful to see my family tree fill out on the Villhauer side with all of the birth and marriage records adding generation after generation.


Some scrapbook pages I made of these microfilm images.




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